Capillon Pharma Pvt.Ltd.

Research & Development

pexels-photo-4033151-4033151.jpgCapillon Pharma Pvt.Ltd. is a technology driven company supported by extensive Formulation Development and Analytical Development departments; coupled with well-equipped laboratories and best talented technical officials of the industry. Capillon Pharma Pvt.Ltd. has plant wise R&D (Both formulation and analytical) departments equipped with best of facilities.

Great emphasis is laid on continuous improvement in process, quality and development of new products.

Our laboratory is fully equipped for physical, chemical testing along with micro-biological testing. Capillon Pharma Pvt.Ltd. has centralized R&D Unit for all the dosage forms comprising of crème de la crème in the pharma industry.

At the R&D center not only the focus is on new product development but we also work on making the existing ones better.

About the R & D centre

  • Capillon Pharma Pvt.Ltd. group has state-of-the-art research centre for development of generic finished dosage forms. R&D is well equipped to handle various developmental challenges in the areas of oral and parenteral medications for both regulated and Emerging markets.The Centre is capable of developing, scaling up and commercializing various dosage forms like tablets, capsules, soft gels and injectable’s drug delivery systems.
  • The formulation team is supported well by an analytical team that can develop complex in-vitro analytical methods for various molecules including extremely potent drug combinations to support formulation development team.
  • A team of 70+ Scientists with various specializations are dedicated to development of Formulation and Analytical research. The team is supported by dedicated Project Management Team to drive R&D projects.

Our strength and Capabilities

  • Our R&D team has vast experience in Modified Release, Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS), Multiple Particulate system (MUPS) and Parenteral Injections and Lyophilized powders and has a deep working knowledge in Formulation development, Manufacturing and Commercialization of Oral solids, Soft gel and Parentrals.
  • Dedicated Tech Transferteam with 10+ associates, with graduate and post graduate in pharmacy, having experience in Technology transfer and scale up operations to manufacture the products.
  • Our Formulation Development Laboratory has been geared up for a state-of-the-art R & D facility in line with the US-FDA, UK-MHRA, EU requirements. The laboratory is well equipped with various ultramodern equipments and technologies required for conducting high quality research activities and prototype equipments as that of manufacturing facilities.
  • The Formulation R & D Capability includes
    • Design and development of new dosage forms
    • Pre formulation studies
    • Lab / pilot scale studies
    • Process optimization/validation studies
    • Stability studies as per ICH guidance
    • Technology transfer of new products
    • Technical supports to manufacturing location
    • Technology and latest development upgradation to provide technically superior, process efficient and International standards product.
  • Analytical Development capabilities include
    • Development & validation of various analytical test procedures for Assay
    • Content Uniformity, Dissolution, Related Substances, Residual Solvents, other in-house test procedures
    • Finalization of Specifications which will adequately evaluate desire quality attributes.
  • Expertised in different type of therapeutic related development like Hormonal disorders, steroids, Potent drugs, NSAID’s and other general category drugs.
  • The Plant is equipped with R&D lab scale equiments to different level of scale up sizes required for developing and commercializing in house and customer projects.
  • Products are developed to satisfy customer needs and the attribute of product health impact is taken in to account as product-related factors in the development process.