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Marketing Support

We place a high value on ensuring that our clients receive all types of marketing support and promotion assistance for their pharma franchise business. There are several processes and tools to market your pharma franchise company in India.

Our domain specialists assist our clients in promoting the brand, its services, and its products in the best marketing way.

What Pharma Marketing Tools We Provide As Top PCD Pharma Company In Baddi-H.P

  PCD pharma company in India – offers several marketing tools such as: 

  • Product Glossary

Product Glossary is one of the prerequisites in the pharma industry marketing kit. A precise, well-intended, and easy-to-carry product glossary is quite handy for the MR to display the products to retailers and doctors during their PCD pharma promotion. Hence it is one of the essential marketing support items.

  • Catch Cover

Catch covers play a crucial role in influencing the pharma products and medicines of a particular pharma company. The usage of attractive catch covers plays an important role in promoting pharma products. 

  • MR Bag

Bags are a very basic yet vital functional requirement of all medical representatives. Bags do not just fulfill utility purposes, they are one of the essential marketing products, plus they also make the MR look more dexterous. 

  • Visual Aids

Visual promotions always create a long-term awareness in the minds of your clients, whether you are a medical professional or a pharma retailer. You will always acquire the best-created visual aids for the PCD pharma industry when you work with us.

  • Prescription Pads

Prescription pads are an important component of marketing and advertising. Our prescription pads help our partners market their products more effectively.

  • Visiting Cards

A professionally designed visiting card resembles the line of business and leaves a strong mark creates a great impact and is a successful marketing strategy in the pharma industry. In each industry, the usage of visiting cards is required, and this is no different when working in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Order Book 

Order books are used to note down the orders from respective medical stores and retailers. It is a vital accessory carried by all sales and marketing professionals, medical representatives, and other marketing staff in this industry. Order books may be in printed, electronic, or manual writing formats.  

 PCD pharma franchise company in India, apart from the above products, also provides business gifts to be given to some special clients or doctors. 

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