We appreciate your interest in CAPILLON PHARMA PVT LTD and would be glad to have you as our privileged customer. CAPILLON PHARMA PVT LTD assures you of best services for effective marketing of products in the territory chosen by you and ensures timely supply of quality products with competitive prices. Not only this, the company provides an assuring goodwill on which you can always rely upon.

For ensuring smooth and flawless functioning, we request you to follow the below mentioned procedure while dealing with our administrative office:

1) You can place your order at +919805168142, or email at  or through our website

2) Kindly place your order in written format E.g. fax / email / sms etc to avoid any sort of miscommunication.

3) Always mention your requirement for promotional material in the order. Do not depend upon company executives to send you promotional material automatically. It is better if you mention quantity wise requirement of samples, catch covers, leave behind cards, gift items etc.

4) Kindly keep a track of the circulars (about new products) being issued by the company from time to time and try to include new products in your upcoming order.

5) Do not deal in cash with any of our marketing executive and in case you make cash payment, always insist for a cash receipt.

We always welcome your suggestions for:

. Introducing new products.

. Improving presentation of products.

. Changing MRP as per latest market demand.

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us at the following numbers:


Our Mission - We have inspiring and challenging mission to improve health of human being by enabling person to do more, feel healthy and live longer.

Our Vision - Simplify business model in pharma industry, deliver more innovative and number of products. Grow a diversified business in India and across the world.

"We are committed to provide the highest quality health care products and Standard services consistently which satisfies our regular customers".


  • We manufacture and market Pharmaceutical products, which will satisfy continuing needs of our customers.
  • This will be achieved by application of sound Quality Management System and adopting current Good Manufacturing Practices and complying all regulatory requirements.
  • While doing so we shall keep in mind safety of our employees, all work processes as well as our natural environment.
  • The company shall manufacture products of high quality, which shall be safe for human consumption and shall have consistent properties of dosage form.
  • We consider our human resources as one of the biggest asset. Our qualified and trained staff is provided constant training to upgrade their knowledge and stay conversant with state of art technology.
  • We value motivation amongst our personnel as an important factor to make them more competent and quality conscious.
  • The quality assurance of its products is the obligation of the company and all the departments of the company share it by keeping vigil while purchasing, maintaining, manufacturing, testing, distribution and marketing of its products.
  • The company shall make available all the requisite measures and resources to achieve the above goals.
"We are committed to provide the highest quality health care products and Standard services consistently which satisfies our regular customers"